Introducing the Garden Studio

We are delighted to announce the relocation of IA HQ to our new office/studio space, Garden Studio is complete. Garden Studio is located at 2515 Farrington St in the heart of the Dallas Design District. Our spacious 7500 sq ft studio/workplace has been designed to accommodate multiple productions simultaneously as well as food shoots and corporate events.

For booking inquiries please contact

The entry of the Garden Studio showcases an indoor/outdoor garden with skylight, it also doubles as an easily accessible loading dock.

Floor to ceiling windows illuminates the studio with natural light.

Prep and display kitchens are available for all your food production needs. 

The Garden Studio also provides vanity areas, showers, and spacious bathrooms. Additional loading area available at the back of the studio.

In Full Bloom | PaperCity April

PaperCity Magazine April Issue




Styling by Doug Voisin | IA
Assistant Styling by Christopher MacKinnon I IA
Hair by Kay Reeder | IA
Photography by Molly Dickson | SisterBrother Mgmt
Art Direction by Michelle Avina | PaperCity
Makeup Artist- Sara Domi
Assistant Makeup Artist- Jo Franco
Flowers by Venus and Co Flowers
Models: Nina Anthony & Taylor Greene | Kim Dawson
Sarah Blakemore | Page Parkes Corp

Paper Dogs by Loran Thrasher.

IA set fabricator, Loran Thrasher, has designed and launched a range of life size paper dogs exclusively for Neiman Marcus. Just in time for the holiday season, his loveable designs are individually hand-made using recycled materials and make the perfect gift for all animal lovers.

Meet Loran’s canine creations below. Happy Holidays!


Josephine is the quintessential French Poodle. Her intelligent face couples well with the almost regal authority of her confident stance. Her bouffant hair do and pom poms are made of 30 feet of recycled craft paper, they are evidence of the forward thinking in her high brow conscientious style. Josephine is a must have for the elegant and the inspired.


Penelope is known for her faithfulness and loyalty in Homer's Odyssey. Imagine your very own symbol of undying love and steadfastness. We offer unto you Penelope our Maltese! She is fashioned in the image of ancient breed from the Mediterranean renowned for their beauty and character just as the wife of Odysseus, the mythical Penelope.


Tank is our English Bulldog. He is a brawny little powerhouse meant to bring a smile to any bad day. Tank is named for the stylized angles of his face, strong body, low center of gravity. Do yourself a favor and get on his good side by bringing him home today.


I love this Golden Retriever! I named him after my own Golden Retriever, Grady, which is also a family name going back several generations. His pose is modeled after the way he points at basically anything that moves. We consider it his signature public service announcement. I hope you find Grady as adorable as I do.


Labradors are renowned for their temperament, loyalty, and usefulness. For these reasons, Labradors are employed for much more tasks other than hunting. These tasks include assisting the disabled, being affectionate companions to the elderly, and as visitors bringing joy and happiness to those staying long term in hospitals everywhere. This is why we named our Labrador Lucy which comes from the Latin word for "light," or " light bringer."

Cottoning On: Shooting in the Delta. Photography by Par Bengtsson.

Do you know where your jeans come from? Photographer Par Bengtsson traveled to Wilson, Arkansas, forty miles North of Memphis and in the heart of the Arkansas Delta, to shoot the cotton harvest and explore the natural journey from field to fabric. Along the rich soils of the Mississippi River, the small farming community of Wilson has made a large imprint on cotton production with vast white fields growing organic and sustainable cotton. Fluffy white bolls line the landscape, reminiscent of a gentle, snowy wonderland. Par’s images of the fibrous plants and their cloud like textures beautifully capture the natural softness found in clothing manufactured with materials that are locally, ethically, and sustainably sourced. Once the cotton is picked, it is taken to the local Cotton Gin for ginning, a process that separates trash, debris, and cottonseed from the lint through air blowers to retain the purity of the fibers. This soft plant is incredibly versatile with minimal waste, with cotton and its by-product used in a range of everyday products from fabrics, food and beauty. We especially love Cotton Seed Milk for healthy hair.


IA Children’s Stylist: Teressa Ingram

We are delighted to announce the newest member of the IA team, Teressa Ingram. Teressa is our extraordinarily talented children’s stylist With grace, joy, and a lot of patience, she is a master at wrangling tiny tots. You can’t help, but release a drawn out “aww” when looking at her photographs.

The former way of professionally capturing a child’s picture perfect moment involved parents dressing their children up in ruffled underwear then taking them to the department store where a photographer would squeeze a squeaky toy in hopes that it would evoke some kind of emotion from the child. Don’t expect that from Teressa. She effortlessly makes her photo shoots fun so that when she captures a smile and twinkled eye it’s a genuine reflection of the child's happiness.

"In my years of traveling and working with different clients, it has allowed me to understand the mind of a child. Children are amazing “Little people” in a “Big world”, who I want to make feel comfortable, have fun and shine on set. I feel I have “adopted” the Peter Pan Philosophy, regardless of age, it can be fun to NEVER GROW UP.” 
-Teressa Ingram